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CHIRUCA® Leathers

At Chiruca® we understand the importance of leathers in footwear, so we only use a selection of split, Nubuck, nappa and embossed grain leather.


CHIRUCA® hooks ensure that the foot is fully supported at all times, whatever posture is adopted and on whatever kind of surface.

Moreover, these adjustment systems are made of a totally non-rusting material.

The laces for our boots are made of water-repellent polyester that is highly resistant to breakage and wear.

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CHIRUCA® Insoles

CHIRUCA® insoles are anatomical, made of polyester fibre and punched to provide excellent shock absorbency. They eliminate moisture from breathing and offer the highest comfort.

  • Total comfort 100% breathable.
  • Light. Flexible.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Ergonomic.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Great water absorption and elimination.

Technical Gel Insoles

Technical gel insoles with triple composition (gel + foam + microfiber) and European Health Product Certification. It alleviates and prevents pain pathologies related to the impact chain (feet, knees, hips, lumbar and cervical) when performing hiking activities.


Patented gel with medicinal grade components and high degree of cushioning. Expanded structure of honeycomb and pipes that allow a constant flow of air. Made with eucalyptus essence.

2.- Memory Plus:
Active carbon foam that cancels the smell by destroying the germs that cause it; it also cushions so it prevents fatigue and is 100% breathable.

3.- Tecnion Technical Fabric:
Microfiber with skin feeling and touch, breathable and absorbent. Antiallergic, antibacterial and thermoregulatory.

Chiruca / Plantillas Gel Técnico

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