Frequents Cuestions (FAQ)

I have had a problem with my Chiruca product. What steps should I take?

First of all, you must go to your point of sale where they will evaluate it, and afterwards, if appropriate, they will send the consultation to our quality department.

What should I do if I have a problem with my product and if the shop where I bought it has already closed or is a long way from my home?
What should I do if the BOA cable on my Chiruca boots breaks?
Where can I purchase Chiruca products?
What warranty do Chiruca products have?
How can I unsubscribe from the brand’s e-mailing?
What type of footwear should I buy? Boot, low shoe, polyurethane sole, Vibram sole? Where can I find advice?
How should I look after my Chiruca footwear?
What can I do if I do not find the answer to my question here or I wish to contact Chiruca?




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