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GoreTex ®


With this material the feet are not made wet by external water but still remain able to breathe.

This makes the boots waterproof from the outside inwards and breathable from the inside.



The GORE-TEX membrane consists of a microporous structure that contains more than 1,400 million microscopic pores per cm2. These pores are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a droop of water, making it impossible for water to pass through the membrane.



On the other hand, the pores of the membrane are 700 times bigger than a molecule of water vapour, which means that sweat can escape to the outside without affecting the waterproofing of the membrane. Preventing heat from accumulating keeps feet dry and warm.



GORE-TEX products offer an ideal combination of optimal comfort and lasting protection for their intended final use.


Video | Calzados Chiruca®. Waterproofing System Gore Tex




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