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Polyurethane Soles

We use high technology in all our soles in consideration of the use to which they will be put.

We have also incorporated into our footwear range the most highly evolved sole on the market: the exclusive Polyurethane X-TRA®, a pioneer material that does not hydrolyse, with extremely high durability and with extreme grip whether the sole is wet or dry. These double-density polyurethane soles combine the characteristics of lightness and resilience. Comfortable soles consisting of an outer sole of compact polyurethane for a good grip on uneven land and with a studded design for automatic shedding of mud from land that has been made muddy by the autumn rains, and an inner sole of expanded polyurethane, that softens the impact of walking, and prevents injuries to knees, ankles and hips. They are very comfortable and flexible soles that adapt perfectly to the way you walk.





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