Chiruca Warranty

All Chiruca products have a guarantee to cover damage arising from flaws in the raw materials or in manufacture.


This guarantee does not cover damage caused by:

  • normal wear and tear;
    • inappropriate or unusual use. For the use of each model see our catalogues and the web site
    • inappropriate care or maintenance; for correct see the advice printed on the base of the box, tags, catalogues and the web site
    • contact with external agents such as edges of rocks, branches, crampons, etc. or aggressive materials such as fire, animal droppings, acids, hydrocarbons, building materials, etc.;
    • discolouring caused by UV rays;
    • and similar.


In the event of any anomaly arising, and for a decision as to whether the defect is covered by the guarantee, the product must be cleaned and returned together with proof of purchase to the shop where it was bought for a preliminary inspection and possible forwarding to Calzados FAL, S.A. (Chiruca). It is necessary to include proof of purchase or a copy, a note with a description of the damage and the owner’s contact details (telephone number or email address is essential). If the product has not been cleaned before it is sent to Calzados FAL, S.A. it will be returned to the owner immediately.


Following an examination by the company’s Quality Department, if the fault is covered by the guarantee, Calzados FAL, S.A. (Chiruca) may, in a reasonable time, either repair it or replace it free of charge if repair is impossible or disproportionate.




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