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Socks are an essential element. Good boots mean nothing without the right socks, which are necessary for our feet not to suffer from sweating problems or blisters.

For our feet to breathe correctly, it is not sufficient for our footwear to have Gore-Tex® or not. For optimal performance of our footwear, it is essential to choose the right socks, as this will have a considerable effect on our comfort, especially in terms of climatic comfort.

Washing tips

Both Coolmax and Thermolite fibres can be washed by hand or machine at a suitable temperature of about 35º (never more than 40º).

The use of fabric softeners is not recommended because they can damage the capillary effect, i.e. the evacuation of sweat.

It is always advisable to wash socks inside out because it is in that part of the garment where the sweat and dead skin cells are.

Drying can be done by machine, but it should not be aggressive, i.e. it is advisable to leave the garment with a point of humidity and let it finish drying in the air.

Calcetines Chiruca

Chiruca offers socks with different fibres:

Chiruca / Techno Pe Silver
A cool fibre which evacuates moisture and is antibacterial, preventing bad odour with its silver particles.
A fibre that manages and evacuates moisture, keeping the foot cool and dry. Ideal for hot climates.
Chiruca / Seacell
Polyester extracted from seaweed: prevents skin irritations, reduces inflammations, helps cell regeneration, protects against UVA radiation, biodegradable. Its high level of antioxidants protects the skin.
Chiruca / Outlast
An intelligent fibre which creates a microclimate between the garment and the skin where it retains heat, thanks to its Thermocule microcapsules. Its thermal compensation capacity minimises sweat production. It will keep your feet more comfortable by absorbing body heat when it is produced in excess and releasing it when it is most needed. A fibre recommended for practising sports at altitude and in extreme temperatures.
Its hollow core enables it to retain the heat generated by movement, with no extra weight. It also performs a thermal compensation process during sports activities to minimise sweat production. It evacuates moisture rapidly, keeping the foot dry and comfortable. Highly recommeded for practising sports in extremely low temperatures.
Chiruca Drytex Thermical
Technical thread for antibacterial protection. Silver is harmless in contact with human skin and prevents the development of a broad spectrum of microorganisms. microorganisms. It ensures maximum protection by prolonged use of its technical fabrics and reduction of bacterial growth. growth of bacteria.