Chiruca Forest
Bosque Chiruca


For years, working in favour of the environment and its preservation has become our top priority. That is why we wanted to go one step further and enter a new adventure, in which you too can leave your mark.

The Chiruca Forest is a 15.5 hectare plot of land located near our Arnedo facilities. Thanks to its birth, we intend to compensate the CO2 emissions derived from the manufacturing process and thus achieve the reforestation of 20,000 trees.

And we also want you to be part of this commitment. So, do you want to take care of our planet?


Our commitment to the implementation of work systems that care for the environment is one of the main pillars that support the company. That is why our philosophy of social responsibility has allowed us to define the significant environmental impacts of the company and set targets for improvement, through various environmental management certifications that we have obtained over the years.

Such as the CO2 controlled carbon footprint, certification that we obtained in 2012 and which allows us to become aware of the environmental footprint derived from our activities. The commitment to reduce and compensate the carbon footprint, concludes our registration in the national carbon footprint register, through which we can establish CO2 reduction and compensation programmes based on annual calculations. All this, in addition to establishing our environmental policy, gives us peace of mind with regard to new legislation on climate change.

For all these reasons, and above all because of our eagerness to care for the planet, has led us to the new adventure of the Chiruca Forest.

Bosque Chiruca


The Chiruca Forest is now a reality. On 9 November 2015 our forest was born on a 15.5 hectare plot of land in Bergasa (La Rioja).

The species chosen for the Chiruca Forest is Querqus ilex or commonly called “Holm oak“. The area where the plantation is located, Bergasa, is ideal for this type of tree.

You can enjoy here the video of the inauguration and the video of the visit of the pupils of the schools of Arnedo who have helped us by planting trees. Are you in?

Our target: 15.000 trees


Thanks to the success of this project, the Chiruca Forest extends over 15.5 hectares of land in the municipality of Bergasa in La Rioja.

Come and enter the Chiruca Forest!!!